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Ian Wilhelm

Assistant Managing Editor, Chronicle Intelligence
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Ian Wilhelm is a deputy managing editor at The Chronicle.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Forum

    ‘Nobody Wins in an Academic-Integrity Arms Race’

    How artificial intelligence is changing the way colleges think about cheating.
  • Global

    New Immigration Rule ‘Sends a Detrimental Message Internationally’

    The Trump administration’s latest plan to curb immigration has raised concerns it will reinforce a message that international students are not welcomed in the United States.
  • News

    4 Deans Share the Best Advice They Have Received About Budgets

    When it comes to managing a budget, deans are often in the hot seat. They have to be entrepreneurial in how they increase revenue while preserving their institution’s core mission.
  • The Ticker

    New York State Is Set to Test Free Tuition

    While other states allow free tuition to community colleges, the New York effort is being called the nation’s first free-tuition program for middle-class families.
  • News

    Why the Travel Ban Probably Hits Iranian Professors and Students the Hardest

    The Iranian and U.S. governments have long been at odds, but the academic relationship between the two countries runs deep.
  • On Leadership

    Supporting Undocumented Students

    David W. Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, recently spoke with The Chronicle about his advocacy on behalf of undocumented immigrant students and what advice he has for new college presidents.
  • On Leadership

    Remaking the Liberal Arts

    Katherine Bergeron, president of Connecticut College, discusses how it revamped its curriculum to help students better connect their experiences in and out of the classroom and to help them develop a broad question to frame their education.
  • On Leadership

    Video: Owning the K-12 Challenge

    Nancy L. Zimpher, chancellor of the SUNY system, says it’s time to rethink how public universities prepare tomorrow’s educators.
  • News

    Why an Armed Occupation of Cornell in 1969 Still Matters Today

    This article is one in a series on pivotal moments in higher education since the founding of The Chronicle a half-century ago.
  • News

    History’s Lessons

    A scholar who wrote the book on the Cornell takeover suggests three tactics for soothing a fractious campus.