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J. Brian Charles

J. Brian Charles, a senior reporter at The Chronicle, covers the intersection of race and higher education. Before joining The Chronicle, he helped relaunch Baltimore Beat, a Black-run newspaper, and served as its deputy news editor. He has also worked as a staff writer for The Trace, covering gun violence in communities of color. And he was a staff writer for Governing magazine, where he covered urban affairs. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Playboy, Slate, Baltimore Magazine, and New York magazine.

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Stories by this Author

  • Race on Campus

    The Downfall of a Black University President

    How we reported the story of the short tenure of Temple University’s president.
  • Politics and Race

    DEI Legislation Tracker

    Legislators, mostly Republicans, want to get rid of diversity, equity, and inclusion offices; end anti-bias trainings; and banish diversity statements.
  • Leadership

    A Disrupter’s Quick Exit

    Labor strife, curricular clashes, and public-safety woes unraveled Jason Wingard’s high-profile presidency less than two years into his tenure at Temple University.
  • The Fight Over DEI

    At Gathering of DEI Officers, Fear, Anger, Joy, and Solidarity

    Nineteen states are considering legislation that would cripple their work. Six states want to ban the employment of DEI officers outright. At a recent conference, 1,100 officers vented.
  • Race on Campus

    Meet Our Newest Reporter, Covering Race for ‘The Chronicle’

    We’ve hired a senior reporter to write about the intersection of race and higher education.
  • Bills to Ban DEI

    Colleges Could Be Flooded With Citizen Lawsuits Under Proposed DEI Legislation

    Conservatives in some states want to deputize the general public to sue if they think a college is deploying banned diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.