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Jeffrey C. Isaac

Jeffrey C. Isaac is a professor of political science at Indiana University at Bloomington.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    The New Campus McCarthyism

    On a scandalous suspension at Indiana University.
  • The Review

    Florida Is a Five-Alarm Fire for Academic Freedom

    With breathtaking cynicism, politicians are attacking the foundation of the university.
  • The Review

    What’s the Value of Political Science?

    Political scientists need to better explain their discipline’s value to the public, writes Jeffrey C. Isaac.
  • The Review

    The State of Civil Society

    In recent years, an eclectic group of American scholars, policy analysts, journalists, and activists from across the political spectrum has turned toward “civil society” as the answer to today’s social problems. Refusing to cede political power to market forces, most advocates of civil society…