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John Kaag

Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    Nathan Glazer: ‘Students Could Be Protesting Really Big Things — Like Trump’

    The prominent 94-year-old sociologist reflects on campus activism, affirmative action, free speech, the literary sphere, and how he views his own career.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Ferocity of Fandom

    Sports spectating brings out the bigoted, sexist clannishness in us. Might it bring out something better?
  • The Review

    Thoreau: The Wild Child at 200

    A superb new biography vivifies not just his searching mind but his restless spirit.
  • The Review

    Thoreau’s Cynicism, and Our Own

    The sage of Walden distrusted government but disdained materialism and provincialism even more.
  • The Review

    Books’ Fragile Bodies

    We can’t save them, but we can love them.
  • The Review

    Can Transcendence Be Taught?

    College should prepare students not only for a rich life but also for a meaningful death.
  • Commentary

    Big Brains, Small Minds

    We risk becoming a society of technological prowess and philosophical illiteracy.
  • The Review

    America’s Hands-On Hegelian

    Meet Henry Clay Brockmeyer, the polymath frontiersman.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Haunted by Spirits

    Ghosts of academics haunt a musty private library in Boston.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Curse of Credentials

    Narrow interests and an obsession with efficiency threaten academe. So wrote William James — more than a century ago.