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Joli Jensen

Joli Jensen is a professor emerita of media studies at the University of Tulsa.

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Stories by this Author

  • Advice

    How to Cope With Multiple-Project Paralysis

    Sometimes you just have to accept that a writing commitment you made, with good intentions, is now standing in your way.
  • Advice

    Lessons on the Craft of Scholarly Reading

    Yes, you know how to read. But do you know how to read scholarship effectively?
  • Advice

    Aiding the Writing-Stalled Professor

    The most direct way to improve academic life for everyone on campus is to support faculty writing.
  • Advice

    The Myth of One More Source

    Are you searching for more sources out of curiosity or fear?
  • Advice

    From Predator to Pet: Three Techniques for Taming Your Writing Project

    Does your manuscript feel like a wild beast lurking in the jungle, ready to attack? Don’t fear. Here are a few ways to bring it back under control.
  • The Review

    Let’s Not Medicate Away Student Angst

    My student told me that she was having trouble in my class because her doctor hadn’t yet found the “right” mood medication for her. I had known something was up because she hadn’t been the delightfully contentious student I had met the year before. This semester she seemed distracted and subdued,…