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Jonathan Malesic

Jonathan Malesic is a writer and a former theology professor.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    Are We All Really Burning Out?

    Academic burnout is real — but difficult to diagnose.
  • Advice

    Try to Lower the Stakes of the Job-Interview Dinner

    When academic hiring committees take job candidates out to eat, cultural anxiety is often on the table, too.
  • First Person

    The 40-Year-Old Burnout

    Why I gave up tenure for a yet-to-be-determined career.
  • The Conversation

    Student Evaluations Aren’t Useless. They’re Just Poorly Used.

    Don’t ditch the evaluations, Jonathan Malesic argues. Transform them.
  • Commentary

    A Catholic Case Against MOOCs

    Instead of following the hype, Roman Catholic colleges can treat education as a moral enterprise that develops human dignity and social justice.
  • News

    A Scholarly Book and a 4/4 Teaching Load

    Here’s how a heavy schedule affected one assistant professor’s desire to write Before I formally accepted the job offer at the liberal-arts college where I now work, I spoke with a top administrator about tenure expectations. He had said that in addition to good teaching and service, the college…
  • Advice

    How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

    It happened more times last year than I can even recall, but I clearly remember the first time. I was grading a paper and came across a sentence that surprised me. It just didn’t fit in with what I had read up to that point. I was surprised partly because the sentence made proper use of the word…
  • Advice

    Dispatches from the First Year

    The thought occurred to me when I got the key to my office. When I opened my first direct-deposit notice. When I entered my final grades. When I shook students’ hands at graduation. At those moments and at many others in my first year in a tenure-track job, I kept thinking, “This is nothing like…
  • Advice

    The Subcategorical Imperative

    Not long ago I was telling a music-savvy friend about a new CD I’d heard, the debut offering of a band I thought she’d like. She asked me to categorize the band. “Well, they’re kind of a distorted retro folk-punk rockabilly outfit with a bleak outlook. Oh, and Scottish. They’re good.” To the music…
  • Advice

    Yielding to Convention

    Don’t you hate big academic conferences? I mean, the papers are always so tedious, and the squabbles on the panels so petty. Flattery and fakeness prevail as everybody tries to seem important and schmooze some senior scholar or editor. Don’t you even hate the people who love to go to big academic…