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Judith A. Wilde

Judith A. Wilde is a research professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    A Shady, Secret Presidential Perk

    College leaders are already well paid. Why should they get ultra-low-interest loans too?
  • Advice

    How to Select the Right Search Firm

    Nearly every campus looking for a new president first hires an executive-search consultant. Too many make an ill-considered choice.
  • The Review | Opinion

    Disgraced Presidents Shouldn’t Get Tenure

    Why enrich someone whose career ended in controversy?
  • The Review | Opinion

    Is It Time to Cut Presidents’ Pay?

    Austerity has become the rule in higher ed, except at the very top.
  • The Review

    A Public Executive Should Get a Public Search

    An essay that called for secret presidential searches should be viewed with skepticism.
  • The Review

    Who Wins When a College Presidency Fails?

    Search firms do, if it means more business for them. And the presidents themselves can, via lucrative termination clauses in their contracts. But colleges have much to lose.
  • The Review

    The Role of Confidentiality in Presidential Searches

    Who are governing boards protecting with such requirements?
  • The Review

    How Well Do You Know Your Candidate?

    You might assume that your presidential-search firm is doing all the appropriate background checks. You might be wrong.
  • The Review

    Hiring a Search Firm? Do Your Homework First

    Across higher education, executive searches are growing in number and cost. Colleges and their governing boards should exercise caution before signing on the dotted line.