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Karen M. Markin

Karen M. Markin is director of research development at the University of Rhode Island’s research office.

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Stories by this Author

  • First Person

    Ask at Your Own Risk

    Federal grant proposals are public information, so why do scientists get cranky when you seek a copy?
  • Advice

    Grant Programs Get Persnickety

    It is more important than ever to closely follow all requirements spelled out in a call for grant proposals.
  • Catalyst

    Where Should You Keep Your Data?

    Formal policies on information storage are finally beginning to emerge from federal grant agencies.
  • First Person

    Writing a Preproposal: Leave Them Wanting More

    More and more grant agencies, faced with too many applications, are asking researchers to submit a preliminary version for review.
  • First Person

    Getting Permission Just to Apply

    More and more grant agencies, faced with too many applicants for scarce dollars, are allowing universities to vet who gets to submit a proposal.
  • First Person

    New Rules!

    Here’s what you need to know about the federal government’s new grant regulations.
  • First Person

    Grants on CVs: Trust but Verify

    Search committees should look more carefully at how candidates list their grants.
  • First Person

    How to Help New Hires Get Research Money

    Even the best-trained rookie faculty members have much to learn about writing grant proposals.
  • First Person

    What’s the Secret to Getting Grants?

    Cutting-edge science and collaborative projects both play a role, not to mention luck.
  • First Person

    The Bittersweet Task of Running a Grant Program

    From drafting the call for proposals to announcing the results, here’s what you need to know.