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Kelly J. Baker

Kelly J. Baker, a writer and a Ph.D. in religious studies, is the editor of Women in Higher Education and the National Teaching & Learning Forum.

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Stories by this Author

  • Advice

    All in Favor of Quitting?

    When things get tough, people tell you to stick it out, persevere. But sometimes quitting is the smart thing to do.
  • How to Craft a Pitch

    As editor of a monthly newsletter, Women in Higher Education, I receive a lot of pitches — not as many as editors of larger publications but enough that I see a variety of good and not-so-good tactics from many different types of writers. What has become clear is that pitching can be a hard skill…
  • Advice

    Can We Finally End the All-Male Panel?

    Plenty of women are earning Ph.D.s in a variety of disciplines yet too many conference panels still feature only men.
  • Advice

    Cruelty and Kindness in Academe

    Why we value the former and underrate the latter.
  • Advice

    The Men Who Email Me

    Online harassment is a problem for women who write about anything.
  • The Review

    Is Academe a Cult?

    The metaphor is provocative but misleading.
  • Advice

    Are Children Career Killers?

    Despite the conventional wisdom, kids don’t spell the end of their mothers’ academic aspirations. All too often, persistent bias does.