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Malcolm G. Scully

Editor (former)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Malcolm Scully worked at The Chronicle for 40 years, beginning in 1967. He was editor of The Chronicle Review among other duties. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in English language and literature/letters.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    Sobering Signals From Around the Globe

    Strange Days on Planet Earth, a four-hour series, will be broadcast on participating PBS stations over two evenings, April 20 and April 27, each with two hour-long segments. For more information and related material see
  • The Review

    Berea College’s ‘Ecological About-Face’

    Larry D. Shinn, president of Berea College, thinks a lot about the concept of living upstream. It is a vision of environmental responsibility and sustainability that has shaped his ambitions for the unusual liberal-arts institution he has led since 1994. To live downstream, he explains, is to live…
  • The Review

    An Unsettled Forecast for Global Warming

    Climate science, Doug Macdougall writes, “is notoriously difficult, because there are so many interconnected variables at work that cause and effect are often impossible to discern with confidence.” Those variables, which Macdougall discusses in Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages,…
  • The Review

    The End of Easy Oil

    You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or a Michael Moore enthusiast to think that Donald Rumsfeld and his colleagues in the Bush administration are being disingenuous when they declare that the war in Iraq is not about oil. In fact, according to the authors of two new books, most…
  • The Review

    A Program to Create an Ethic of Place

    When Terry Tempest Williams was an undergraduate at the University of Utah here, she wanted “a curriculum that honored both literature and the landscape.” She longed for courses in literary biology or environmental English, but when she proposed them to professors in either the English or the…
  • The Review

    2 Pictures of China’s Resources, Both Grim

    Virtually every discussion of global environmental issues eventually gets around to China. There, the challenges of sustaining economic growth, assuring the health and well-being of almost a quarter of the world’s population, and reversing years of environmental degradation seem almost unimaginably…
  • The Review

    How Much Is a Manatee Worth?

    Cost-benefit analysis has become the preferred technique among policy makers for determining when health and environmental risks are serious enough to warrant regulation of the substances or activities that cause them. By quantifying the costs and the benefits of regulation, its proponents say,…
  • The Review

    The Power of Water

    Booklist: Some Recent Books About Water
  • The Review

    Studying Ecosystems: the Messy Intersection Between Science and Politics

    John W. Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, wrote recently in The Auk, a journal of the American Ornithological Union, “A paradox for conservation is that knowledge is always incomplete, yet the scale of human influence on ecosystems demands action without delay.” The…
  • The Review

    Marine Reserves: Recovering the Sea’s Former Glory

    Histories of fisheries around the world have a depressing similarity. They move from abundance in pre-industrial times to overexploitation and collapse. They feature calls for protection that go unheeded, misguided efforts to replenish wild stocks with hatchery fish, failures of policy makers to…