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Mary B. Marcy

Mary B. Marcy is president emerita of Dominican University of California, and president of MBM Consulting. She is the author of The Small College Imperative: Models for Sustainable Futures (Stylus, 2020).

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Essay

    The 7 Trends Shaping Small Colleges

    Tuition revenues are eroding, but small institutions have a plethora of ways to fight back.
  • The Review

    Presidential Power and the Modern College Leader

    In an election year when politics is in the air, it’s important to note that an academic institution is essentially a political, not a corporate, system, and that its leader is more akin to the president of the United States than to a corporate chief executive. This is in spite of the argument,…
  • The Review

    The Lessons of ‘Early Colleges’

    Last summer a National Governors Association survey of high-school students yielded some surprising results: More than a third of the students surveyed said that high school had been “easy,” and two-thirds said that they would work harder if they felt more challenged in their classes. That…
  • The Review

    Why Foundations Have Cut Back in Higher Education

    In the midst of continuing endowment losses and dismal state budgets, higher education hardly needs to get more bad financial news. But we are getting it, and this time from some longtime friends. Several of the most prominent foundations in the country -- the Annenberg Foundation, the Atlantic…
  • The Review

    How to Reach the New Donors

    The high-tech bubble may not have completely burst, but it is certainly leaking. As analysts ponder the significance of technology to the new economy, presidents and boards at most higher-education institutions are wondering if the high-tech donor has gone bust as well. Yet the impact of venture…