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Michael Bérubé

Michael Bérubé is a professor of literature at Pennsylvania State University. He is on Twitter @MichaelBerube1.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    Saving Academic Freedom From Free Speech

    The difference between the two is critical — and widely ignored.
  • The Review | Essay

    Cut Students Some Slack Already

    I used to think I was doing students a favor by enforcing strict rules and deadlines. I wasn’t.
  • Advice

    How to Deal With the Dark Side of Social Media

    Advice on helping faculty and staff members who have become the targets of internet trolls.
  • The Review

    Lessons in Perspective

    Some you learn over weeks, others you learn over decades.
  • The Review

    What Makes a Story

    An understanding of intellectual disability can transform how we read.
  • Commentary

    Time for a Teaching-Intensive Tenure Track

    The crisis in graduate education is a result of colleges’ hiring instructors without Ph.D.s, not an overproduction of doctorates, argue the authors of a new book.
  • The Conversation

    The New ‘Austerity Imperative’ for Universities

    Rising health-care costs are a problem, writes Michael Bérubé, but does the response have to hit hardest those least able to pay?
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Humanities, Declining? Not According to the Numbers.

    Enrollments aren’t down at all, despite what the naysayers want us to believe.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Humanities Unraveled

    Shore up the financial logic of doctoral programs, and their content will sort itself out.
  • 2012 Roundup

    Why I Resigned the Paterno Chair

    It was the Paterno Family Professorship in Literature. That’s all you need to know, right? No. In fact, much of what you think you know is wrong.