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Michael Vasquez

Senior Investigative Reporter

Michael Vasquez is a senior investigative reporter for The Chronicle. Before joining The Chronicle, he led a team of reporters as education editor for Politico, where he spearheaded the team’s 2016 Campaign coverage of education issues. Mr. Vasquez began his reporting career at the Miami Herald, where he worked for 14 years, covering both politics and education. His work there included Higher-Ed Hustle, a yearlong investigation of fraud and abuse in Florida’s for-profit-college industry. The series led to the closure of Miami’s most politically powerful for-profit college, the arrest of its owner, and a change in state law that created stronger protections for students.

Mr. Vasquez’s education coverage has been recognized with multiple state and national awards, including a National Headliner Award, an Education Writers Association Award, two Sunshine State Awards, and a Florida Society of News Editors Award.

A native of Queens, N.Y., Mr. Vasquez earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Florida International University.

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