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Nina C. Ayoub

Books Editor (former)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Nina Ayoub was books editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    ‘A Voice for Many Peoples’

    This upstart publisher wants to open Canadians’ eyes to their nation’s history.
  • Nota Bene

    The Talented Mrs. Shipley

    A State Department bureaucrat of the early 20th century drew up a forerunner of the No Fly List, raising the same constitutional issues then as we face now.
  • Nota Bene

    The Executioner’s Song

    A historian fleshes out the life of Nuremberg’s master executioner four centuries ago.
  • Nota Bene

    Screen Spleen

    How failure is part of the fun of video games.
  • Nota Bene

    Closer to God: Religion and the American Space Program

    Astronauts’ experiences, theologians’ pronouncements, and churches in space-enclave communities all factor in to a new cultural history.
  • Nota Bene

    The Skinny on Fat

    The sociologist who wrote “What’s Wrong With Fat?” is more interested in the question than in the answer.
  • Nota Bene

    An Anthropologist Goes Indie

    Independent films and their relentless social critique have found an observer in Sherry Ortner.
  • Nota Bene

    This Is Your Brain on Borges

    A neuroscientist finds that his research on the mind echoes intuitions expressed by the late writer.
  • The Review

    The Orbs of Autumn

    A new book proffers the history and lore of the pumpkin.
  • The Review


    A sociologist explores how priests, poker players, and traders regard money.