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Oyin Adedoyin

Oyin Adedoyin

Staff Reporter

Oyin Adedoyin is a staff reporter who covers campus culture for The Chronicle of Higher Education. She also contributes to the Race on Campus newsletter. She loves stories that explore how higher-education institutions navigate the challenges of equity, culture, and belonging on their campuses.

Since starting at The Chronicle as a fellow in 2021, Adedoyin has unpacked the history of racist intimidation at HBCUs, helped explain why a sit-in at Howard University dragged on for a month, and examined the political narrative on student self-censorship.

She has a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism from Morgan State University, where she completed a yearlong business-exchange fellowship with The Wall Street Journal. She has also participated in journalism institutes at The New York Times and Politico. Her work has been featured in The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine,The Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

When she’s not writing, she’s probably learning to play a new song on the ukulele or binge-watching the latest Netflix drama. Follow her on Twitter @oyinadedoyin5, or email her at

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