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Stephanie M. Lee

Senior Writer
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Stephanie M. Lee is a senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education, where she writes about research, scholars, and how their work affects society.

Before joining The Chronicle, in 2022, Stephanie was a science and technology reporter at BuzzFeed News. She is a recipient of the 2022 Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting, which honored her investigative reporting about scientific misconduct. Her stories have been anthologized in The Best American Food Writing and noted in The Best American Science and Nature Writing.

Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree in comparative literature at the University of California at Berkeley, where she got her start in journalism at The Daily Californian, and lives in San Francisco. Email her at, or follow her on Twitter at @stephaniemlee. For sensitive communications and story tips, she can be reached at and on Signal. Reach her at 415-322-8701.

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