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Taylor Swaak

Senior Reporter
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Taylor Swaak is a senior reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education, covering how institutions are harnessing technology to innovate. Her key areas of focus include college partnerships with ed-tech companies, and the growing use of artificial intelligence across different administrative functions of higher ed.

She wants to know when technology is adopted without due diligence, is misused, or contributes to inequity, and when practices further higher ed’s mission and are worth imitating.

Prior to joining The Chronicle, Taylor wrote for The 74, where she spearheaded the organization’s K-12 coverage of the nation’s two largest school districts — NYC Public Schools and L.A. Unified — before documenting D.C. Public Schools’ pivot to virtual learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her byline has also appeared in Newsday, Newsweek, The Hartford Courant, and on

When she’s not writing, Taylor is listening to narrative-storytelling podcasts, drinking seasonal lattes, and exploring Arlington, Va.'s expansive bike-trail system.

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