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Todd Gitlin

Todd Gitlin was an author and a professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Chronicle Review

    What Allan Bloom Got Right

    Thirty years after The Closing of the American Mind, universities are in worse shape — and more in need of its lessons than ever.
  • The Review

    Promoting Knowledge in an Age of Unreason

    Colleges are its most crucial defenders. They don’t have time to wallow in self-pity.
  • The Chronicle Review

    A Plague of Hypersensitivity

    What’s brought about students’ anxious need for intellectual and emotional coddling?
  • The Conversation

    Israeli Universities and American Freedoms

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is illicitly expanding his government’s powers and eroding academic liberties, Todd Gitlin says.
  • The Conversation

    The Trouble With Judith Butler—and Her Critics

    She may not be the most lucid writer, but accusing her of anti-Semitism is scurrilous, slovenly, sound-bite spitballing, says Todd Gitlin.
  • Brainstorm

    Small Government = Big Trouble

    Todd Gitlin says damage to public employment is damage to education.
  • Brainstorm

    The Accused

    What’s the suspect look like without guns? asks Todd Gitlin. Just another lost soul.
  • Brainstorm

    Brainless in Ariel

    Israel snubs Palestinians and Israeli academics alike in its latest presumptuous, reckless move, Todd Gitlin writes.
  • Brainstorm

    Sex, Lies, and Money

    Clinton’s obfuscations were about the former; Romney’s are about the latter, writes Todd Gitlin. And when you’re running on the basis of your managerial expertise, that matters.
  • Brainstorm

    Tax? Penalty? Item of Commerce? A July 4 Meditation

    Labels are a distraction, writes Todd Gitlin, but the need for affordable health care is real and urgent.