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Trisalyn Nelson

Trisalyn Nelson is department chair of geography at the University of California at Santa Barbara and holds an endowed professorship in the department. She is host of a podcast called Earth + Humans and is on Twitter @trisalynnelson.

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Stories by this Author

  • Advice

    10 Ways to Rebuild Department Culture

    No one seems happy with the level of connection at work after two years of Covid. So how can chairs start repairing the damage?
  • Advice

    Covid-19 and the Academic Parent

    Scholarly reading and writing require long hours of solitary work. So how do you get any of it done in the Covid-19 crisis, when you’re surrounded by kids 24/7?
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    How to Work Well With Graduate Students

    Four tips on how to have healthy, productive, rewarding interactions with your doctoral students.
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    How to Counter the Isolation of Academic Life

    A look at ways to build a professional-support network that will help you feel a little less alone on the job.
  • Advice

    3 Ways to Survive Academe With Kids

    Two professors with five kids between them offer advice on how to move your tenure-track career forward while parenting.
  • Advice

    4 Ways to Have More Fun as a Faculty Member

    In a precarious era for academics, it is possible to optimize your happiness on the job. Here’s how.