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Outing academic administration

Lesboprof is an administrator in a comprehensive university in the Southeast. An out lesbian in her personal and professional lives, she is a student of academe. She is in a longtime relationship with no children. She is best described as a cynical idealist.

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Posts from Lesboprof

Too many victims

After meeting with all of my faculty, and hanging out with faculty and academic administrators for the last 15 years (or 25, if we count the time I was in grad school), I find myself reflecting on how embattled the academic denizens seem to be. There are a lot of victims running around the hallowed…

Resurrection time

Since spring is a time for resurrections, or so my Christian friends tell me, I thought I would come back to the bloggy world after almost a year’s absence. If you can’t tell, my administrative position has represented an incredibly difficult and time-consuming shift. I used to try to blog once a…

Why I am okay with Jodie Foster’s speech

Lesboprof reflects on critiques of Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes and suggests a reframe and a little empathy.

Dream job? Maybe. Necessary resource? Definitely.

An administrator gains a new appreciation for the role of university counsel.

Been there, done... what?

After a year of administration, Lesboprof reflects on one area of her learning.

Fishing in the stocked pond

Lesboprof puts on her hip waders and peers into the hiring process.

Washroom etiquette

A guest post, channeled from a fictional character from Victorian England, provides basic bathroom etiquette for academic women.

Trust is a gift I choose to give

If we buy that it is a dog-eat-dog world, what does that make us? An administrator ruminates on trust and competition in academic friendships.

They’re here!

Remembering how challenging the first few months in a new town can be, an administrator offers some suggestions for making new faculty feel welcome.

Summer in administration: A fine kettle of fish

Lesboprof reports from the office, where she is spending her first full summer as a full-time administrator, that university business--and some fun--still continues after spring semester ended.
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