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Outing academic administration

Lesboprof is an administrator in a comprehensive university in the Southeast. An out lesbian in her personal and professional lives, she is a student of academe. She is in a longtime relationship with no children. She is best described as a cynical idealist.

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Posts from Lesboprof


Lesboprof takes on those who want to control public education in Virginia and Michigan, suggesting proper roles for external stakeholders like legislators and boards of trustees.

Perfecting the Evaluation Process

An administrator ponders how to stay cool and calm while going through evaluations with faculty.

Classing up the joint

Lesboprof, a child of the white collar proletariat, wonders about the best way to manage class issues in schmoozing donors. Suggestions are welcome.

Distracted (Still) by the Lack of an Arrest (Still)

Reflections on the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Information Brokers

If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me! Lesboprof reflects on the role of people in the know on campus.

Making the hard calls: Balancing heart and head

The hardest calls in academic administration often require you to use both your heart and your head.

Ho Hum

Apparently, asking college applicants about their sexual orientation is no big deal. Lesboprof ruminates on the Elmhurst decision to add questions about sexual orientation to their application, and the resulting non-story.

No more homework

Lesboprof is hoping you have the answer to continued scholarly productivity for administrators, without having to do homework.

This Year in LGBT Higher Education News

On the list are a court ruling affirming the right of a professional field to require students to practice competently with LGBT populations and a “King Solomon decision” on domestic-partner benefits.

Looking for Emily...

Wishing she had her own personal Emily Post adviser, Lesboprof reveals her questions re holiday etiquette at work and invites your suggestions, insights, etc.
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