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Research Centered

75% administration, 25% research… life on the alt-ac track.

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Posts from Research Centered

Women really don’t ask

Like many research centers, my center offers travel awards to graduate students and postdocs to help cover their expenses when presenting at conferences. The typical award is $500, which is often enough to cover travel to conferences in the region. Because my center is very well-funded, we don’t…

Advice for Aspiring Alt-Acs

What should we tell graduate students who are interested in the alt-ac track?

Let’s skip the small talk

I don’t understand why some people have such a strong resistance to using email to communicate at work. I frequently hear and read that “email is a distraction” and “it’s so much better to communicate face-to-face.” Well, I don’t know about you, but I can deal with most emails in two minutes or…

Focusing on the journey, not the destination

A revelation that success is easier when you enjoy the process, instead of concentrating on the goal.

Where’s the use of looking nice?

Women in academia can’t win - hot or not, you will be harshly judged for your appearance.

It could be worse

Working in academia can be frustrating - but the private sector is worse.

Belabored writing is better writing?

In which I realize that sometimes my best work is the stuff that was hardest to write.

The less popular emotions

I’ve moved beyond simple happiness and have learned to enjoy much more complex emotions.

Pretty Note-taking

Many scientists take beautiful and detailed field notes. I am not one of those scientists.

A change of scenery

Spending time in the field helps me appreciate my office.
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