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Research Centered

75% administration, 25% research… life on the alt-ac track.

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Posts from Research Centered

Monitoring Productivity Increases Productivity

Set daily goals, identify and avoid productivity enemies, and monitor how you’re doing from week to week, says Minerva Cheevy.

The Reluctant Expert

Becoming known as an authority in a little-studied field can leave an academic feeling uncertain that the attention is deserved.

Once again, women reduced to their reproductive organs

Gender inequality in academia is about more than just family-friendly policies.

How to appear competent in one easy step

If you can answer your emails quickly and effectively, people will think you are a superhero.

Working It: Valuable Skills You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Sometimes, the skills you need most come from things that people advise you not to do.

What I hope to get out of ScienceOnline2012

An introvert’s insecurity and worry about attending ScienceOnline2012.

Blogger’s Block

When I moved my blog over here to The Chronicle, one of the things I was worried about was keeping up with expectations. What on earth was I going to write about? My fellow Chronicle bloggers are a pretty high-level crowd, always writing about Important Issues and stuff. I do that sometimes too,…

I finally have some free time... what do I do now?

Now that I have the freedom to pursue some new projects, I don’t know where to start.

Academia vs. Roller Derby

Academia and roller derby are similar in a couple of ways - for example, perserverance is key, and you fall down a lot - but they are so very different.

The Unbearable Tiredness of Being... Introverted

The reason my work tires me so much is, most likely, that I am an introvert, and being an administrator means interacting with people all day long.
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