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My sister bloggers Historiann (who has spent part of her sabbatical creating a snazzy new design) and Madwoman with a Laptop, now a fancy executive director, could tell you this farewell has been coming for a while. I’m hangin’ up my template.

Teaching Baltimore, Teaching the History of American Violence

During this year of police violence, and organizing against police violence, I have avoided blogging about the many issues raised by Ferguson, Staten Island and Baltimore. I am ambivalent about this decision, because it isn’t as though I do not have a lot to say, and that saying it in this space is…

Weekend Link Love from Tenured Radical

Best news ever! My conversation with Chauncey DeVega is up at We Are Respectable Negroes. Actually it’s been up since last week, and the conference, post conference, omigod-am-I-leaving-town-again cycle prevented me from posting it here. Apologies to all DeVega fans.

The Current State of Academic Conferences

I am just back from St. Louis, where the Organization of American Historians (OAH) had its annual meeting this weekend. A brief review:

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien: On Changing Jobs

The other day I read a comment on Facebook to the effect that, after changing jobs, many academics experience a moment of intense regret. The author of the comment timed this moment of regret at about six months into the new job, when the losses and the difficulty of the transition becomes truly…

Sunday Radical Roundup: What We Are Reading

It’s Easter, it’s Passover. But what is Tenured Radical doing? Visiting Mom and catching up on email, that’s what. But in the middle of everything, there is time to read, and here are a few things that have caught my eye:

Even a Moment of Mentoring Can Matter

American Historical Association President Vicki Ruiz has a wonderful essay about mentorship in this month’s Perspectives. Her own career as a historian began with an invitation to come to office hours:

Update: Notre Dame Requests Changes in a Post

Readers of my review of Emily Yoffee’s review of The Hunting Ground may be interested in knowing that the Chronicle has been contacted by Dennis K. Brown, an Assistant Vice President and University Spokesman at Notre Dame, in response to alleged inaccuracies about the Lizzy Seeberg case. Brown’s…

Reading Around the Web

A few things that have crossed our desk last week, and we wanted to make sure they were on yours too.

Wikipedians in Blue

Who knew the New York Police Department was full of avid Wikipedians? Here’s a fun fact to include in your next digital humanities syllabus: in “Edits to Wikipedia Page Traced to 1 Police Plaza,” Capital, March 13, 2015) Kelly Weill reports on a review of Wikipedia pages conducted by Capital.…
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