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Monday’s Poems: ‘Hearsay’ and ‘First Frost on Windshield,’ by L.S. Klatt

November’s odd and cruel surprises will wake us up. With notes from Poetry Editor Lisa Russ Spaar.

Art Schools Offer High-School Students a Summer Preview

Potential applicants get a feel for serious, full-time art immersion, and art schools get on talented students’ radar. That’s win-win, writes Daniel Grant.

Monday’s Poems: Three by Jane Hirshfield

With notes from poetry editor Lisa Russ Spaar on “Bruises,” “The Promise,” and “Sometimes the Heart Is a Shallow Autumn River.”

The Word on Writers’ Conferences

They can inspire you or mire you. Choose wisely, Elise Blackwell counsels in her monthly column.

Monday’s Poems: ‘Vanished Harvest’ and ‘Bludgeon-Man,’ by Larissa Szporluk

Welcome to the heartland noir of a dangerous autumn. With notes from A&A poetry editor Lisa Russ Spaar.

Alum Gives Bard Conservatory $9.2M

The money from László Z. Bitó will be used for a new building at the rapidly growing institution.

Harn Museum at U. of Florida to Open New Asian-Art Wing

The 26,000-square-foot addition will allow exhibition of more items from the Harn’s 2,000 Asian works.

Juilliard Pianist Wins Prestigious Monk Competition

Los Angeles native Kris Bowers receives $25,000 and a recording contract.

Monday’s Poem: ‘To Poetry,’ by Edward Hirsch

A wry, savvy ode to inspiration owed. With notes from A&A’s poetry editor, Lisa Russ Spaar.

Desired Learning Outcome: Go a Little Nuts

You’ve got to be a bit insane to study the arts, writes Charles O’Connor. And that’s why they’re so crucial.
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