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The Ecstatic Stereoscopy of September

In her monthly column, Arts & Academe’s poetry editor, Lisa Russ Spaar, discusses the bittersweet literary resonance of this month.

The Artist M.F.A. as Curator

Last week, Daniel Grant wrote about novel teaching venues for artist M.F.A.'s. Here he explores another alternative career path.

Artist M.F.A.'s Find Teaching Jobs in New Venues

Community colleges, private schools, continuing-education programs, and museums are expanding arts offerings and hiring instructors, reports Daniel Grant. (Next week, Grant will follow up with a closer look at M.F.A. artists who become gallery entrepreneurs.)

What’s in a Name?

When writing programs hire marquee authors, students don’t always benefit much, writes Elise Blackwell in her monthly column.

‘Foraging for Theater’ in ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’

An experimental Georgetown U. adaptation of the Michael Pollan best seller tries to keep the drama, like the menu, organic, reports Rebecca J. Ritzel.

Monday’s Poem: ‘Little Porch at Night,’ by Gibbons Ruark

A space between home and elsewhere prompts elegiac thoughts about what was and what must end. With notes from poetry editor Lisa Russ Spaar.

Art School Brings Theory to Practice, Halfway Around the World

Miriam Chernick reports on students at California’s Otis College of Art and Design who conceived a memorial for the fallen soldiers of Palau.

Monday’s Poem: ‘Dead Shrimp Blues,’ by Diann Blakely

A Robert Johnson blues song and a Tennessee Williams play are passionately mashed up. Lisa Russ Spaar deciphers the beautiful wreckage.

Creative-Writing Professors on the Silver Screen

They’re fun to watch, writes Elise Blackwell in her monthly column. But hey, when do these boozy philanderers find time to work? And where are the women?

Featured Poems: Two by Eric Pankey

Poetry editor Lisa Russ Spaar interprets the poems “The Problem With the First Person” and “Beneath Venus.”
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