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Moody’s Issues Negative Outlook for Higher Education

Expectations of lower revenue and stiffer competition for students will put pressure on colleges, but a rise in giving and endowment returns, along with strong long-term demand, offers hope.

Could a Gainful-Employment Rule Have Helped Corinthian’s Students?

If a strong regulation had been in effect, says the Institute for College Access and Success, the company’s problematic programs would have been closed or improved.

U. of Washington Students Say They Can Work to Help Pay Tuition

Students at the Seattle institution say they would be happy to work their way through college, if only they could get more help from the university and the state.

New Index Reports Uptick in Giving to Higher Education

Blackbaud’s higher-education specialty index follows monthly fund raising by more than 500 American colleges.

Laureate’s Credit Rating Drops Because of Growing Debt

Recent acquisitions, including the purchase of a Brazilian education chain, have raised the company’s total debt to $6-billion, Moody’s Investors Service reports.

Death of ‘Patent Troll’ Bill Is Mixed Blessing for Research Universities

With a key senator’s withdrawal of his legislation, universities need not fear proposals from the tech industry, but there are still patent-related problems awaiting solution.

UCLA Sets $4.2-Billion Campaign Goal, Largest by a Public University

The target tops that of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, which announced a $4-billion campaign last year.

College Provides $750,000 to Fight Blight at Its Doorstep

Rather than buy up and tear down dilapidated properties, Providence College and a local community-development organization restore them as affordable housing.

When Laying Blame for Rising College Costs, Don’t Forget About Enrollment

Appropriations to public colleges have actually risen over the past 25 years, but states haven’t kept up with the growing numbers of students.

U. of Phoenix Lectures by Clayton Christensen Redefine ‘Model Students’

Using models instead of actual students for a videotaped lecture series by Clayton Christensen is an example of higher-education disrupters’ expedient techniques.
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