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For-Profit Ashford U. Forms Alliance With Forbes

Kaplan University allied its business school with Newsweek magazine seven years ago and then scrapped the deal after just two years. Now Bridgepoint Education’s Ashford University has announced a branding alliance with the Forbes magazine company.

Ashford said on Tuesday that it would pay Forbes Media LLC $15-million upfront, plus a minimum $30-million over the initial 12-year term of the deal, for the rights to the company’s online content for use in bachelor’s and master’s programs in business…


At Creighton U.’s Apple Store, Students Will Run the Show

Creighton University students will soon test their business chops, trying to sell one of the world’s most popular brands.

The business school at the Nebraska university this fall will open the first student-run Apple Store, where aspiring marketers, accountants, and entrepreneurs will be able to get their start at the retail giant. The store will become a classroom—and unpaid gig—for 30 to 60 student employees each year, as they will get class credit for managing inventory, making sales, and…