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Introducing The Conversation

Brainstorm readers: We’re excited to call your attention to The Conversation, The Chronicle’s new home for opinion and ideas online. Building on Brainstorm and Innovations, it includes many of the regular contributors you have seen over the years and offers new ones as well.

My Painting Habit

Laurie Fendrich on whales, horses, pigs, and artists.

Watchdogs or Showdogs? The Final Installment

Carl Elliott concludes his Q&A on the ethics of academic bioethicists working for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sneezing, Cars, and Cows

Old habits die hard, Laurie Fendrich writes, even when they’re destroying the planet.

Why Isn’t Evolutionary Medicine More Popular Than It Is?

Institutional history and inertia, perhaps, Michael Ruse speculates.

Watchdogs or Show Dogs 3: Eli Lilly

Do bioethicists make pharmaceutical companies more ethical?

This Chicken Tasted So Much Better Before It Was Full of Hate

Laurie Essig wishes politics could be kept out of her extended family’s meals. But some things you just have to swallow.


Yes, writes Kevin Carey, a certain ideal interactive kind of education is inimitable on the Web. But that ideal is not the kind of education that pays the bills, nor has it ever been.

Some Concluding Evolutionary Mysteries

Science is not a list of things we know, but rather a way of investigating what we don’t, writes David Barash.

Advice to a Student Who Didn’t Like His First Year of College

Want a better year? Then vigorously shape it to your liking and your betterment, advises Gina Barreca.
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