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Closing Thoughts From a Monthlong Ed-Tech Tour of Asia

The similar ways technology is used in the classroom are striking. Yet there are differences, sometimes subtly influenced by culture, sometimes by the quality of the surrounding infrastructure.

Amid Cows and Cacophony, an Online University Expands Its Global Reach

Indira Gandhi National Open University, in India, has increased its foreign enrollment in recent years, and the virtual institution now works with partners in other countries to share its content.

On Many Campuses in India, Infrastructure Is Still a Problem

For example, the loss of power is a common technology challenge year-round.

What South Korean Schoolchildren Can Teach Colleges About E-Textbooks

Osandaewon Elementary School, which uses mostly digital books and laptops, offers lessons for universities looking to ditch printed class materials.

At South Korean E-Learning Conference, Interactivity Is Big (Very Big)

At a meeting that drew about 1,000 in Seoul, electronic whiteboards loomed large among the many cutting-edge teaching technologies on display.

South Korean Government May Ask Colleges to Help Fight Cyberaddiction

After extreme cases of online overuse, the country is considering increasing its support of counseling centers.

Another Benefit of Robot Teachers: No ‘Moral Problems’

Researchers in South Korea are building high-tech robots to teach English to schoolchildren.

So Your Campus Wants to Work in China? That Could Get Complicated

A consortium in China working to translate free American lectures into Chinese is fighting for its financial survival.

In China’s Internet Cafes, Content-Blocking Is Largely Effective

A new book concludes that the country’s policies are working well, despite utopian views that the Internet is inherently democratic.

China’s Answer to MIT’s OpenCourseWare May Get Reboot

The Chinese government has sunk millions into a nationwide lecture giveaway online, but it could be drastically revised or scrapped because of flaws.
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