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The brave new world of ed-tech.

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Campus Tech in China: Impressions From 3 Campuses

A look at campus technology at Beijing Normal University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.

For Chinese Academics, ‘Great Fire Wall’ Hinders Networking With Colleagues

A group of professors and teachers in China is having trouble trading tips for using the Internet for education because it is on a blocked Google discussion service.

Teaching With Technology: Views From Singapore

Highlights from a panel discussion on cultural differences and Web 2.0 in the classroom.

The Celebrity Effect of Scholarly Videoconferencing

Researchers on foreign collaborations are “as seen on TV.”

Universities in Singapore Practice Teaching Entirely Online During Disaster-Preparation Week

Most public colleges in Singapore now stage online-only weeks to practice for unexpected campus shutdowns.

Singapore’s Next High-Tech University Is Just a Logo, for Now

But the country is building an unusual new campus, in partnership with MIT and a Chinese university.

Wiki Project Brings Some Student Wariness at Singapore Management U.

Some students worry about the collaborative tool’s public nature and the ability to toss out or revise the work of their classmates.

What Does College 2.0 Look Like in Singapore? China? South Korea? India?

A Chronicle technology reporter heads to Asia for a monthlong look at higher education in an increasingly wired world.
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