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The Hidden Portion of Student-Loan Debt

Everyone knows the total is rising. But the debt could be much higher than many people realize.

Attainment, Completion, and the Trouble in Measuring Them Both

A new report from George Washington University makes clear how difficult it is to come up with clear answers to key questions.

How Corinthian’s Student Body Measured Up Against Other For-Profits: 4 Takeaways

The company had much in common with its competitors, but its colleges had an especially large share of minority students.

How Lots of Community-College Data Fall Through the Cracks

Some researchers overlook institutions that offer four-year degrees, and the problem is only getting worse as more two-year colleges add bachelor’s programs.

Student Loans Are Poorly Aligned With Graduate Earnings

The typical new graduate is likely to devote 14 percent of his or her paycheck to student loans, but a recent Brookings Institution study suggests solutions to that problem.

Researchers Criticize Plan to Remove Key Question in American Community Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau has proposed no longer asking people in the national survey about their field of undergraduate study.

Free Fall in For-Profits’ Enrollment May Be Slowing

Analysts’ projections suggest the industry is close to “bottoming out” and could once again see growth in student numbers.

Measuring Humanities Degrees Misses Much of Their Value

New research from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences seeks to gauge the degrees’ worth. But can earnings be the sole measure of success?

Underemployment Hits Recent Graduates the Hardest

Definitions of “underemployment” vary, but the data make clear that job seekers are having less luck finding positions that require their diplomas.

Is a Degree Still Worth It? Yes, Researchers Say, and the Payoff Is Getting Better

The actual cost of a bachelor’s degree is going down, two researchers with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York say, and the value is near an all-time high.
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