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Decision 2012

What's at stake for higher education.

Posts from Decision 2012

How Candidates With Ties to Higher Education Fared in the Election

Led by President Obama, some nominees who have backgrounds in higher education won their races on Tuesday, but others lost.

Calif. Voters Approve Ballot Measure to Stave Off ‘Trigger Cuts’ at State Colleges

The state’s three public higher-education systems breathed a sigh of relief as Gov. Jerry Brown declared victory for Proposition 30.

Obama Is Equally Favored by Young Voters With and Without College, Survey Finds

However, young people who had attended college were more likely to be following the election and to have formed opinions on policy issues, according to a survey by Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.

Louisiana Ballot Measure Could Mean More Guns on Campuses, Professor Says

A possible change in the state’s Constitution could ease challenges to already-permissive gun laws.

Can Storms Sway Elections?

An author of a new paper on how disasters and other factors affect elections talks about possible political fallout from Hurricane Sandy.

The Tempest Over a Study of Biology and Women’s Voting Patterns

When CNN posted a story about how ovulation supposedly affects women’s voting preferences, readers were outraged and the network pulled the story. But what about the study that story was based on? Over on Percolator, we ask the researcher to explain the work some have called “stupid” and…

For Lynn U., Presidential Debate Was a Chance to Shine in National Spotlight

The payoff was a publicity blitz barely rivaled in higher education, even if it meant the president had to trade quips with Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

Negative Campaign Ads Can Work for Candidates When Used Judiciously, Study Finds

A researcher at the University of Miami found that just a moderate number of negative ads, spaced properly, could positively influence voters.

‘We’ve Never Heard of You, Either’

Promoting itself and the presidential debate it is hosting, Lynn U. welcomes visitors with a nod to its own relative obscurity.

U.S. Voting System Has Improved Since 2000, but Problems Remain, Report Says

Technological upgrades have made voting machines more reliable, but voter-registration databases and voting by mail need attention, according to researchers at Caltech and MIT.
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