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Decision 2012

What's at stake for higher education.

Posts from Decision 2012

Tracing the Evolution of Romney’s Position on Pell Grants

The Republican presidential nominee’s position on increasing Pell Grants isn’t new after all.

Youngest Voters Favor Obama but Are Uneasy With Politics, Poll Finds

Young Americans are showing less enthusiasm for voting and greater skepticism about the political process than did their counterparts four years ago.

In Debate, Romney Voices Support for Expanding Pell Grant Program

The Republican nominee offered some of his most explicit support yet for the grants, while President Obama touted several achievements on higher education.

Presidential Candidates Are Urged to Strengthen Support for Public Colleges

The State Higher Education Executive Officers issued an open letter to President Obama and Mitt Romney.

In Debate, Obama and Romney Clash Over Who Would Do More for Education

Both said education was key to getting the economy back in gear, but they differed over whose plan would do more to help that effort.

Tracking the Debate on Twitter: Southern Cal Tool Mines Political Sentiments in Real Time

Algorithms flag whether political tweets are positive or negative. But can they be taught to detect sarcasm?

In U.S. Senate Contest in Mass., Candidate’s Academic Post Is an Issue

In his race against Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Scott Brown often calls his challenger “Professor Warren.” Critics say he’s trying to paint her as an out-of-touch elitist.

Romney Says He Would Not Deport Illegal Students Who Hold Special Permits

Although he once said immigrants should “self-deport,” the candidate now backs the special visas offered by the Obama administration.

New Obama Ads Tout Goal of Cutting Tuition and Attack Romney on Pell Grants

The advertisements emphasize the president’s positions on college costs and Pell Grants, in both English and Español, but contain few specifics.

In New Ad for Hispanic Voters, Romney Hits Obama on Soaring Tuition and Student Debt

The Spanish-language advertisement accuses the president and Democrats of having “failed our children.”
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