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Breakaway Group Seeks ‘Retro Common App’

Colleges in a new admissions-application consortium want an alternative to the Common Application’s “diluted brand.”

Social-Media Challenge Takes Aim at an ‘Inequity’ in Admissions

Colleges are pushing one another to send counselors from public high schools to a major admissions conference, expenses paid.

What Keeps Women Out of Elite Colleges? Their SAT Scores

Despite their dominance in college enrollments over all, women have been underrepresented at the most-selective institutions for decades. A new study set out to discover why.

Applicants to Bennington College May Now ‘Curate’ Their Applications

The Vermont college’s “Dimensional Application” will allow students to submit work that demonstrates their achievements and abilities. What they send is up to them.

Admissions Leaders Gather to Weigh ‘Prestige, Financial Aid, and Love’

At a national conference last week, admissions officials offered nuanced appraisals of the profession that keeps higher education’s lights on.

Common App No Longer Requires Members to Conduct ‘Holistic’ Reviews

The change will allow institutions that don’t ask applicants to submit essays or recommendations to join the 549 colleges that use the online admission form.

What Can a 2-Minute Video Say About the Next 4 Years?

Goucher College’s new admissions policy lets prospective students hang their hopes on a two-minute video rather than a high-school transcript. Does that give admissions officers enough to work with?

At Goucher College, Applicants Who Send Videos Need Not Send Grades

Starting this fall, the liberal-arts college in Maryland will offer an application option in which a videotaped response will be the primary factor in admissions evaluations.

Common Application Revs Up Again

The service that was used to submit 3.3 million college applications last year looks to rebound from a difficult cycle.

How 4 Types of Families Approach Paying for College

Sallie Mae’s latest report draws on a survey whose respondents can be divided into four groups: Procrastinators, American Dreamers, Reluctant Borrowers, and Determineds.
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