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Insights and commentary on higher education.

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Introducing The Conversation

Innovations readers: We’re excited to call your attention to The Conversation, The Chronicle’s new home for opinion and ideas online. Building on Brainstorm and Innovations, it includes many of the regular contributors you have seen over the years and offers new ones as well.

Obama’s Affirmative-Action Brief

Hailed as a liberal defense of racial preferences, Obama’s legal brief represents a missed opportunity to promote something better, says Richard Kahlenberg.

The Struggle to Save the University of Missouri Press

Frank Donoghue revisits plans to close the University of Missouri Press.

Galloping to Insolvency

Peter Wood reviews a recent report that found that a third of American colleges and universities have unhealthy financial outlooks.

The University of Texas’ Weak Affirmative-Action Defense

A new legal brief defending racial preferences is unlikely to persuade the Supreme Court, says Richard Kahlenberg.

Aiming at the Suburbs and Hitting Higher Ed

Peter Wood argues that President Obama’s goal of redirecting wealth from the suburbs to the cities could pop the college bubble.

The Cost of Higher Access: Harry Stille’s Data

States pay a high price for admitting nearly everyone who applies, writes Richard Vedder.

Should Student Evaluations Be Anonymous?

Frank Donoghue discusses the implications of a court decision to reveal the identity of a student who complained about an instructor’s teaching practices.

They Just Don’t Get It

Sen. Tom Harkin’s and Rep. Elijah Cummings’s recent attacks on for-profit higher education seem more based on ideological fixations than on objective, balanced assessment of what is good for students, Richard Vedder writes.

Too Many College Students? Yes, Unfortunately

Peter Wood continues the debate with Macalester College president Brian Rosenberg on whether the U.S. should pursue the goal of further increases in college enrollments.
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