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Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

The Chronicle welcomes correspondence from readers about our articles and about topics we have covered. Please make your points as concisely as possible. We will not publish letters longer than 350 words, and all letters will be edited to conform to our style.

Send letters to Please include a daytime phone number and tell us what institution you are affiliated with or what city or town you are writing from.

Posts from Letters

Essay Mischaracterized Hillsdale College

The author conflates Hillsdale with other colleges in order to build the accusation that Hillsdale’s K-12 efforts are aimed at delivering a “conservative, Christian version of history to schoolchildren.”

Academic Leaders Have Responsibility to Improve Conditions for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Administrators should see themselves as a part of a system and network of people where anyone has agency to start change.

The Problem With Departmental Statements

They can be the means for senior department members to run roughshod over the wishes of the less powerful.

Sordid History of Decades-Long War on Higher Ed Needs to Be Better Known

Much of the American public is still critical of higher education without having learned that its reaction was programmed in order to hide the truth about American hegemony and militarism.

How Is Commitment to Exposing the Limits of Common Sense Ethical?

Why should common sense be subject to an antecedent skepticism that other sources of belief are not subjected to?

Writing Is More Than Putting Words on a Page

Artificial intelligence can’t replace the most important aspect of writing.

AI Writing Technologies Will Force Instructors to Adapt

Here’s what the future might look like.

Article on Autistic College Students Neglected to Mention Relevant Documentary

“Autism Goes to College” received numerous awards.

Nothing Work-Related Is ‘Non-Promotable’

Important academic contributions goes way beyond the usual numbers of peer-reviewed publications and grants received.

Dismissed U. of Colorado Scholar Has Been Treated Cruelly

There is no hope that the center Professor Limerick founded — if it survives — will ever have the standing it has enjoyed.
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