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Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

The Chronicle welcomes correspondence from readers about our articles and about topics we have covered. Please make your points as concisely as possible. We will not publish letters longer than 350 words, and all letters will be edited to conform to our style.

Send letters to Please include a daytime phone number and tell us what institution you are affiliated with or what city or town you are writing from.

Posts from Letters

Essay Mischaracterized Statements Signed by Barnard Faculty Members

Letter does not conflate “off-campus conservative doxxers with the Barnard administration.”

Essay’s Claim That Full Story of Climate Science Isn’t Being Told Doesn’t Withstand Scrutiny

Nature had good reasons — the ones they gave — to desk reject the author’s paper.

Discussing Equality and Equity Without Merit Is Incomplete

“Equity theory” considers factors like individual contributions when assessing fairness.

How One Course Is Trying to Foster Civil Discourse

The strategy is to learn together by reading one fair-minded book.

Article About Origins of Working Definition of Antisemitism Was Misleading

Kenneth Stern’s role was greatly exaggerated.

Essay Misreads the Kalven Report

It was hardly a monument to faculty power.

There Are Good Reasons to Teach the 1776 Report

We won’t get conservative students to engage our arguments until we demonstrate good faith.

Article on Disciplined UCLA Professor Was One-Sided

University policies on privacy and confidentiality need to be respected.

Essay on Campus Fanaticism Was One-Sided, Ignored History

Author focused only on critics of Israel.

Essay Mischaracterized Kalven Report

It has contributed substantially to the institutional culture of free expression and academic freedom.
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