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Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

The Chronicle welcomes correspondence from readers about our articles and about topics we have covered. Please make your points as concisely as possible. We will not publish letters longer than 350 words, and all letters will be edited to conform to our style.

Send letters to Please include a daytime phone number and tell us what institution you are affiliated with or what city or town you are writing from.

Posts from Letters

Imposing Universitywide Stance on Israel-Hamas War Threatens to Silence Alternative Viewpoints

At a minimum, it militates against the job of a history professor.

Not Always So Simple for Administrators to Just Shut Up

Things like arrests of protesting students and public charges of antisemitism require responses.

College Museums Should Use History of Obtaining Looted Items as Teaching Opportunity

The context of their production, consumption, and final use should be the primary goal of study.

Lack of Consensus About Free Speech on Campus Is a Virtue

Having a consensus will stale our political debates.

Value of Humanities Degrees Goes Beyond Salary

Students in the discipline learn to think critically and communicate clearly.

What Authority Do Professors Have to Share Political Views in the Classroom?

Is that what our students have signed up for?

Colleges Need the Backbones of Freedom and Liberty

Wrong to insist that experts deserve more attention and authority than free speech.

Students and Employers Have Confidence in Higher Ed

Recent research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers is clear.

Financial-Aid System Is Unfair to Students Who Must Work Before Enrolling

Using old salary information doesn’t reflect current circumstances.

Unjust to Demand Professors Also Be Social Workers and Psychologists

It requires uncompensated, specialized training, and time that faculty do not have.
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