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Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

The Chronicle welcomes correspondence from readers about our articles and about topics we have covered. Please make your points as concisely as possible. We will not publish letters longer than 350 words, and all letters will be edited to conform to our style.

Send letters to Please include a daytime phone number and tell us what institution you are affiliated with or what city or town you are writing from.

Posts from Letters

Librarians Are Critical to the Academic Community

They shouldn’t have to ask for a place at the table.

Global Learning Provides Students With Meaningful Experiences

It helps them connect their co-curricular and personal experiences with their coursework.

Essays on DEI and Academic Freedom Oversimplified AAUP Position

The president of the association clarifies its stance.

Stanford Students Harmed Themselves by Disrupting Speech

If political power shifts, their enemies will have no compunction about silencing them.

Pedagogical Literature in Math Largely Relies on Anecdotes and Correlations

That’s why graduate school class time is far better spent on learning disciplinary knowledge.

Principles of Academic Freedom and DEI Should Not Collide

Both sides continue to mischaracterize what these principles are and are not.

Is Some Level of Racial Discrimination in Admissions Acceptable, or Not?

Essay on the topic was paradoxical.

Graphic Details of Disturbing Student Writing Shouldn’t Have Been Published

Nor should that writing have been allowed in the classroom.

Proposed Bill in N.D. to Reshape Tenure Would Discourage Whistle-Blowing

Sometimes only tenured faculty members can bring necessarily high attention to problems.

Essay on Misuse of Statistics in Social Sciences Was Naïve and Ill-Informed

There is no evidence that the authors did their homework
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