Local Authorities, Not Colleges, Should Handle Sexual-Misconduct Cases

To the Editor:

Colleges and universities are ill-equipped to handle sexual misconduct. The moral compass swings wildly from extreme to extreme in the classroom and scholarly readings. No wonder the students are confused and the process is viewed as unfair.

Judicial proceedings should be turned over to local public authorities. There the students will find a predictable moral standard crafted over many years and expressed clearly in the legal statutes. They will receive the same “due process” that is available to non-campus others.

When colleges and universities gave men access to buildings where young women live and fired the “ladies in white” guarding the entrance, they bought in to the “free love” meme developed at Woodstock and Haight Asbury of the 1960′s. You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube, but you can bring some sensibility to the judicial process.

Hank Zentgraf
Retired Chair, Tointon Institute for Educational Change
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, Colo.

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