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Experts explore the quality and assessment of higher education.

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The Measuring Stick Finale: A Hawk and a Skeptic Walk Into a Bar ...

With the aid of an imaginary pitcher of beer, we try to distill everything we’ve learned in our series on higher-education accountability and assessment.

U. of Phoenix Reports on Students’ Academic Progress

Among other data, the report shows slight declines in program-completion rates for 2009. Such reports are still rare, among for-profit and traditional colleges alike.

6-Year Graduation Rates: a 6-Minute Primer

A quick guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly elements of the federal government’s statistics.

Graduate Deans: Do You Know Where Your Alumni Are?

Universities could serve students better if they had a fuller sense of the careers the students want and the jobs they ultimately find, two deans say.

Measurement of ‘Learning Outcomes’ Comes to Graduate School

The assessment impulse is spreading to master’s and doctoral programs. In Washington on Wednesday, three grad-school deans gave their views.

Measuring Student Learning: Many Tools

In a new national study, 30 colleges will experiment with using multiple homegrown measures to improve student learning.

A Final Word on the Presidents’ Student-Learning Alliance

The director of the Presidents’ Alliance for Excellence in Student Learning and Accountability replies to comments and criticisms that The Chronicle published last week.

Reactions to the Presidents’ Alliance, Part 3

The new teaching-and-learning initiative sometimes evades the need for hard data, Michael Poliakoff argues.

Reactions to the Presidents’ Alliance, Part 2

One social scientist praises the alliance’s student-learning pledges, while another says faculty members and classrooms are conspicuously absent from those plans.

Reactions to the Presidents’ Alliance, Part 1

Two scholars share their thoughts on the new pledges by 71 presidents to improve teaching and learning on their campuses.
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