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A conversation between a senior faculty member and an up-and-coming administrator.

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Unleashing the Humanities

A new venture will teach the humanities to rich kids who aren’t the best and brightest but who will probably influence society anyway. We deserve what we get, says Mary Churchill.

An Attempt to Tame the Humanities

The humanities are a thorn in the side of contemporary capitalism, says Michael Brown, and that’s why A.C. Grayling’s plan for a private college in Britain is a disaster.

Is Tenure a Popularity Contest?

Tenure decisions are fraught with unfairness, within both departments and administrations.

Tenure and the Administration Problem

Administrative requirements for tenure threaten academic freedom, stifle unconventional ideas, and undermine faculty collegiality.

Tenure as Academic Hazing

The tenure-and-promotion process can be shockingly unfair and needs to be radically overhauled, says Mary Churchill.

We Need to Synthesize the Sciences and the Humanities

The problem is that we view the sciences as specialized knowledge and the humanities as general knowledge. Neither assumption is correct.

The Science vs. Humanities Divide Is False and Ideologically Driven

It’s time for liberal-arts faculty to stop looking down their noses at the sciences, which are as essential to literacy as the humanities.

The Sciences vs. the Humanities: a Power Struggle

To emphasize the sciences at the expense of the humanities discounts our social nature and the importance of values.

The Corporate Rationalization of Higher Education

How and why measurable outcomes and cost-benefit analysis have invaded higher education -- and why they shouldn’t.

Can We Afford to Play?

The unstructured, informal moments in our lives, and a combination of formal and informal learning, help us become more creative and empathetic.
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