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A New Home for On Hiring

Attention, readers: On Hiring is moving!

Happy Holidays!

Please note that the weekly On Hiring newsletter will be on hiatus this week because of the holidays, but it’ll be back in your emailbox on January 2, 2014.

The Risk of Revealing the Secret of My Mental State

“As a professor, I regularly get documentation of students with this or that disorder. I have to accommodate them, and rightfully so. But what about my accommodations?”

‘Get Your Associate Degree’

A student makes the case for earning a degree before transferring from a two-year college.

When It Isn’t Yours Anymore

A professor’s idea for a college trip gets altered by the bureaucratic powers that be.

Name Game

Gene Fant recalls some search deliberations in which a candidate’s name came into play.

Valuing My Time

An adjunct explains why she won’t do extra work free.

AP Literature vs. College English

Rob Jenkins is surprised to find that his students who didn’t place out of a basic college English course actually turned out to be better writers than their supposedly more college-ready counterparts.

Do You Want Feedback or Validation?

Allison Vaillancourt wonders how to tell if a request is sincere and when it’s simply a guise for obtaining recognition and a pat on the back.

On End-of-Term Distractions

‘Tis the season for time wasting, Gene Fant says.
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