Ph.D. Chemist for Hire

How brutal is the job market for chemists? Apparently, it’s so bad that one Ph.D. chemist’s husband has announced on Reddit that he’ll pay a finders fee of up to $8,000 to anyone who finds his wife a job:

My wife has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry (Qualifications below), an exemplary track record during her post doc, and is driven, smart, capable, and a quick study. She finished her post doc last year in August and has been frantically seeking employment since. Eight months, and 46 applications in to her search, she has still not had a single interview, and has been repeatedly hammered with rejections from HR and applicant tracking systems this is including several reworkings of her C.V. to help her past the ATS filters. As you can imagine, she’s frustrated, and at the end of her rope. I’m not as educated as she is, and have never had to apply for a Doctorate level industry position, so I can’t render her any advice. Lately, my upbeat attitude, and my smiling support are falling on deaf ears as she is starting to sink in to a “No one will even interview me” funk. We need help. …

So, here is the deal.

You, the job locator, will be responsible for connecting my wife with a viable local (Boulder-Denver corridor) company who is looking for someone with her expertise, or is interested in training a brilliant scientist in the particulars of the new job. Once the connection has been arranged, the interview process completed, a reasonable offer of employment extended, my wife has accepted the position, and her probationary period at said job is complete, we will pay you 8.5% (Pre-tax) of her starting salary. This percentage is not to exceed $8000 dollars regardless of the salary in question. This payment will be distributed in two amounts. The first amount equaling half of the promised payment will be delivered to you by personal check after her probationary period is at a close, and a satisfactory performance review is rendered by her managing supervisor. The second half will come by personal check at the six month mark of employment after a second satisfactory performance review. …

Now that’s a supportive husband.

Hat tip: Chemjobber

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