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A Sense of Camaraderie

We often talk of a spirit of shared vocation in our fields, but it’s rare to see such fellowship meaningfully expressed in academic settings, George David Clark writes.

When the Old Rules for Success No Longer Apply

Allison Vaillancourt offers advice to a new hire who is struggling to make the transition from individual contributor to senior leader.

I Shouldn’t Have to Say It

A professor considers adding a section on respect to his syllabus.

No Thanks.

A young female scientist explains why she turned down a tenure-track job offer.

There’s No Business Like Edubusiness

Think you can avoid the corporate world by going into college teaching? Think again, Jeanne Zaino says.

Dude, Your Fly Is Unzipped!

How should you respond to being called out on your privilege? The same way you’d respond to being caught with your zipper down, a deep-sea biologist explains.

Is Love in the Stars?

A postdoc in astrophysics finds that the formula for keeping your academic hopes alive is completely at odds with the formula for keeping your relationship alive.

Move Over, Roger Federer

Companies already pay big money to universities for naming rights. Why stop there?, an economics professor asks.

Changing My Mind About CVs

Rob Jenkins explains why job seekers should tailor those, too.

Do You Really Want to Be the Rules Sergeant?

If you are waiting to play “gotcha” with your students, don’t be surprised if they’re waiting to get you, too, David Evans says.
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