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How to Measure Imagination

A new institute at the University of Pennsylvania is spending millions to get inside the creative brain.

The Turing Trick

A supercomputer passed the Turing Test for the first time! Except it’s not a supercomputer. And it wasn’t the first time. Getting to the bottom of things with Eugene Goostman, the chatbot himself …

Are Women Really Better at Multitasking?

You may be surprised to learn that, in recent research, men were somewhat superior at sorting virtual shirts while pacifying a virtual baby.

A Tape-Measure for Well-Being

When social scientists want to know if people are happy, they ask them. Is there a better way?

A Walk in the Park

Walking makes you more creative. Trees improve your memory. What if you combined them? New research from Stanford suggests the existence of a mind-foot connection.

The World According to Whorf

The idea that the language we speak fundamentally alters our view of the world is appealing but also condescending and misguided, says John McWhorter in a new book.

The Science of Going Viral

This week two new papers are proclaiming advances in the science of virality–of Twitter hashtags and Facebook photos.

What’s Driving Human Evolution Now?

Despite the rise of modern medicine and technology, evolution is still happening. But debate persists over its sources and potential future.

The Evolution of Aww

What do infants, tiny automobiles, and Zooey Deschanel have in common? They appeal to something deep within us that we don’t fully understand.

Here Come the Neurothugs! Run!

A philosopher has not-nice things to say about the new science of art. But is neuroaesthetics really so bad?
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