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Focusing a Corporate Lens on Global Universities

Universities with international operations can learn from multinational corporations if they overcome their resistance to comparing themselves to companies.

American Academics Need Cultural Humility

At the edges of international higher-education conferences and branch campuses, Americans sometimes run into something that many of them don’t expect—resentment.

How Universities Can Shape Global Identities

Institutions seeking international influence must integrate reputation management into their academic ambitions.

Biomedical Research Will Become Asian Research

Medical science is beginning to focus on the region where the majority of the world’s population lives.

New Twists in Online Recruiting of International Students

Institutions can refine their online recruiting strategies by using metrics and making their use of social media more sophisticated, said speakers at a recent meeting.

Should the U.S. State Department Copy the British Council?

The British Council offers one-stop shopping for international students and universities that need “market intelligence,” a model that U.S. agencies could learn from.

How to Pull Students Into ‘Global Challenges’ Research

Leaders of programs that have fostered successful student projects discuss lessons learned.

The Case Against Internationalization

The popularity of the internationalization trend may have silenced much-needed debate, writes David Wheeler.

A Global Take on the ‘Badge’ Debate

The arguments about the value of certifying students for particular competencies shift sharply when viewed from the perspective of the developing world, writes David Wheeler.

Asia Will Power Growth in Research and Development This Year

A forecast of spending in that area predicts that Asian economies will create much of the expansion in 2012, while the United States remains largely stagnant.
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