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Want to See Inside an NCAA Investigation? Here’s Your Chance

The NCAA prepares to roll out a series of mock investigations, dubbed the “Enforcement Experience,” with athletics officials and reporters in the leading roles.

For Butler U. President, a Return to Division III Roots

Bobby Fong’s leadership of Butler put him in the limelight last spring, but he’s heading toward a smaller campus where he hopes to be more involved with students.

When the Faculty Fumbles Sports Oversight

How close is too close for faculty reps charged with overseeing athletic departments?

Is Amateurism Dead?

Tough questions about the backbone of college sports.

Julie Roe Lach Is Named as NCAA’s Chief Rules Enforcer

The longtime investigator at the association is likely to give much of her immediate attention to concerns over agents’ interactions with players.

Amid Modern Arenas, Hinkle Fieldhouse Holds Fast to Historic Charm

The legendary facility is scheduled for a $12-million facelift that will reduce its capacity from an intimate 10,000 to an even cozier 9,000.

NCAA Considers a National Pro-Sports Counseling Panel

Some officials think a national group designed to counsel elite athletes with professional sports ambitions might help.

At Selective Division III Colleges, a Gap Between Athletes and Nonathletes

According to the latest findings, the 24 most-selective institutions in the group showed the greatest gap in grade-point averages between athletes and nonathletes.

Confessions of a Sports Agent

A high-profile agent names more than 30 college athletes to whom he says he paid money and extra benefits over a 20-year career.

Game Over for 3 UNC Football Players Who Accepted Agents’ Gifts

The NCAA cracks down on athletes who accept perks from sports agents.
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