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Poetry Month

A discussion poets and their poetry.

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Alyson Ark Iott Wins The Chronicle’s Poetry Month Contest

More than 70 people contributed entries to the contest, which asked for poems inspired in some way by John Keats’s “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer.”

He Stared at the Pacific

With stars above and regolith below,

On First Looking at Keats’s ‘Letters’

Expecting, I suppose, a route well traveled—


Shielded by sycamores with knees like cyprus

Untitled (in Tanka Form)

Such clean impressions,

On the Shoulders of Homer

Here upon the Western bow

Criseyda in Spain

He left his home

On Last Looking at a Student’s Paper

Much have I labored in the halls of mold,

Another Colony

Let men believe


he tried to sail to the shore—
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