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Lawrence Biemiller visits America's college towns.

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At Chapman U., a Holocaust Library Keeps Memory Alive

The library’s archives and artifacts leave a lasting impression.

Pitzer Makes a Collective Effort at Biking

The Chronicle’s Lawrence Biemiller visits the campus in California to see if still has a reputation for being cool and funky, and he finds its Green Bike Program.

The Game Plan? For Starters, Don’t Fall Off

For two of the star bareback riders on Garden City Community College’s rodeo team, the sport’s physical demands are part of its allure.

In Lawrence, Kan., a Home for Theremins and Tropicália

There’s still plenty of room for independent record stores to thrive in college towns. But you’ve really got to know what you’re doing, says Kelly Corcoran, owner of Love Garden Sounds.

7,311 Miles of Drinking From the Fire Hose

A guy from a stay-at-home background might not have been anyone’s first choice to make an epic cross-country road trip.

Cherokee for Beginners

One word of Cherokee probably won’t go very far, but it’s a start, our reporter says.

In Seminary Hall, a Lesson in Cherokee History

By the late 1870s the principal teacher, Ann Florence Wilson, oversaw a thriving Oklahoma institution that was one of the Cherokee Nation’s proudest accomplishments.

A Letterpress Shop Survives, Printing Poems in the Era of YouTube

“Letterpress is a slow, painstaking craft,” says the poet Andrew Schelling, who teaches at Naropa University, in Colorado.

Buddhist Values Take Root in Naropa U. Gardens

A tour of thoughtful campus landscapes enlightens a skeptic.

The Entertainer, It Turns Out, Is 18

There was no question in anyone’s mind that Adam Swanson is a ragtime phenomenon.
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