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Why vanity searches matter

I can remember when self-Googling struck most people as akin to masturbation: Maybe people did it, but it’s something unsavory and vaguely shameful. At the very least, the practice smacked of narcissism.

17 Videos about Online Research

On Twitter this morning, George posted a link to this sweet collection of YouTube videos designed to introduce students to the concepts of basic search and research online–as one of the videos puts it, “Going Beyond Google.”

Your tricorder is ready

According to the io9 science fiction blog, researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a microscope that turns your mobile phone into a diagnostic tool:

Do want: Grammar Nerd Corrective Labels

Officially, Prof. Hacker accepts the distinction linguists make between prescriptive and descriptive grammar. Unofficially, however, we’re raging grammar queens, and so are mad for these handy stickers:

Paul Graham on scheduling meetings

Lots of sites have been linking to Paul Graham’s essay on “Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule” for its clear delineation between one type of schedule, built around meetings, and another, built around vast empty spaces in which you can get things done. He also makes the point–familiar to anyone…

Stephen Ramsay’s Guide to Regular Expressions

Not a guide to negotiating the back-to-school barbecue, but a handy guide to manipulating text. Ramsay answers key questions like: Why should I care? How can I improve my regex skills? Do I need anything to get started?

Stuffing Your (Work)Bag

At his home blog, ProfHacker editor George Williams shares his wish list for a first-year faculty member’s workbag. As you’ll see, he takes the connectivity concept seriously:

Hivelogic on starting meditation / mindfulness practice

Dan Benjamin posted today a slew of links, many with audio, about starting a meditation practice, which he credits with dramatically improving his focus and quality of life:

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