From the Archives: Starting a New Semester

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Whether you’ve already been in the classroom for a week or two, or will be heading back in September, the ProfHacker archives are full of helpful tips to start the new semester off right. Here I mention several of our back to school roundup posts, highlighting just a few of the many links each contains.

The posts linked in From the Archives: Creating Syllabi (2014) focus on the basics of syllabus creation, including technology policies, accessibility, syllabus design, and our ever-popular 11 Fast Syllabus Hacks.

As From the Archives: On Syllabi and Course Design (2010) says, “the first rule of productivity is “don’t fix what’s already working.”. But if you want to adjust some things, these links include ideas on creating exams and assignments, setting course policies, and designing syllabi.

From the Archives: On Grading (II) (2014) offers posts on grading philosophies, policies, and methods.

From the Archives: the First Week of the Academic Term (2014) includes posts on being prepared for classroom emergencies, checklists and resolutions for the new semester, and the difference between expectations and reality. Brian’s So Now You’re A Teacher is aimed at new instructors, but contains useful reminders for anyone heading back into the classroom.

From the Archives: New Semester, New Year (2012) offers additional posts on technology in the classroom, syllabus design, and our open letter series with advice for various academic roles.

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What’s on your mind as you start the new semester? Let us know in the comments!

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